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NEW - Introducing Instant Shine

July 31, 2017

NEW - Introducing Instant Shine

Instant Shine is the 4-in-1 super-system to get your nails beautifully conditioned, smooth and shining in a flash! It works like a french manicure, without the drama, just add a slick of white varnish! It smoothes out files and polishes nails. Leaving each one perfectly glossy for a natural finish that lasts days, or creating the perfect bed for longer lasting nail art and colour that won’t chip or scratch. Available in two colours - Pink and White.

What's inside the box? 

  • 5 heads
  • Nail Buffer x 2
  • Nail Polisher x 2
  • Nail File / Hard Skin Remover x 1
  • 2X AA Batteries


It's Battery Powered, portable and super easy to use - anywhere!

If you want healthier nails, less cracking and chip without having to carve out an hour of your week to head to the salon - then we have the perfect solution for you! 


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