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How To Contour Without The Fuss!

October 06, 2017

How To Contour Without The Fuss!

Contouring is here to stay, and we want to make sure that you know the ultimate hacks to stop it adding over an hour to your make up routines.

We know what it's like, you sit down to follow a youtube tutorial and start freaking out when you don't have the right brushes/enough products/the time.  But this isn't sensible or sustainable. We’ve streamlined the process for a how-to that’s a little more you and a lot less time intensive. 

Firstly, here's the thing. You don't have to go full clown-face, simply pick one or two areas that would benefit from a little contouring.  There are lots of palettes available now to make contouring a lot more convenient and less product heavy, by keeping them neatly packed into one easy-to-use product.

As you know we are fans of making life easier, which is why our new Blend Up Vibra-Sonic™ Makeup brush is the perfect contouring companion. Not only does it buff and blend perfectly,  but it is also designed to be used for all makeup types including blush, creams, powders and highlighters! It's your all-encompassing contour companion!


 A little light and shade in the top third of your face can brighten you up, balance your features and generally add a healthy glow. 

Start by adding the darkest shade lightly around your hairline, blend this well to create a soft shadow give the illusion of a shorter forehead. Next, you’ll want to bring the middle of your forehead forward, so use the lightest shade in an upside down triangle just above your nose. Work a little of your contour shade into your eye socket, and just under the tail end of each brow to give them a more 'awake' look. You're already looking fresher, brighter and sleeker, right?


More pronounced cheekbones will automatically make you look more striking and give your face more shape. 

These are the areas you want to bring forward (light!) So find your natural cheekbones with your finger and slick some highlighter along them, just above the bone.  Then, just beneath in the hollow, dust your darker shadow to make the area above will really pop. Finally, add blush in an upward lifting sweep, starting at the nose and ending at the top of the ear.


No need to take dramatic cosmetic action, a few makeup tricks can make a prominent nose less of a problem. Oh and even if you don't want to slim down your nose,  a little highlight in this area will emphasise your features and make you look healthy and glowing! 

Shadow on either side of the nose helps to create the illusion of a slimmer nose. So, use your contour shade to darken and slim the sides, then sweep your highlight from the bridge of your nose down to the end, stopping short of the very tip or you’ll make it look longer than it really is. If you really want, a very slight dusting of shadow can make it look a little shorter, although careful not to be too heavy-handed. Now, blend! 


Double chin, or no double chin. A streamlined jawline will help to make your face look more defined in pictures and have you selfie-ready!

Start by taking the darker contour shade in short, horizontal semi-circles on either side of your chin. Next, in the very centre of your chin pop a dash of highlighter, and finish with a
 dash on your Cupid’s bow, above the lips, to make them look fuller and draws attention to the centre of your face rather than the surrounding areas. 

By now you'll have got the hang of the fact that. Light brings forward, dark slims and shrinks. Simple!  Now you can contour on the go, no clown face required! 


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