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Hard skin removal, is there an easier way?

At Magnitone we want you to love your body, and there is nothing more loving than taking time over your skincare. Sunday night with a face mask? Count us in!

Nevertheless, we realise that we are all pretty time-poor, and sometimes there is barely time to work out, cook dinner and sleep! Nevermind finding a spare moment to fit in a pedicure before a weekend break. Footcare might not always come high on your list of priorities. But with summer right around the corner, we think it should be easy to get sandal ready feet without any stress!

There are a plethora of natural solutions out there on how to get salon soft feet without leaving the house. And that is why we LOVE the internet. Problem is, most of them are just plain messy or terribly time-consuming. Here are a few favourites we found on our search:


Olive Oil

A natural moisturiser, it's been used for centuries to soften the skin. The bonus is you most likely have some in your kitchen cupboard. Most websites suggest layering it on then placing your feet in socks and leaving overnight to really penetrate the skin.  When you wash it off in the morning your feet will be silky smooth. As simple as this sounds, we have to ask, has anyone tried to wash olive oil off of their bed sheets and succeeded?

Sea Salt

This is more of a preparatory step. Sea salt dissolved into warm water helps to soften the before you remove hard skin.  It's recommended you soak feet in the solution for 20 to 30 minutes to allow the skin on your feet time to soften. Once the skin has softened, use a pumice stone to gently scour away the thick skin patches on your feet. Anyone else freaking our about trying to carve our 40 + minutes out of their evening when they just need to get.stuff.done?


No, not only is this little green gem great on toast, it also makes a pretty intensively moisturising mark. Use on your face, or on your feet, it contains the ideal hydration combination of vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids to smooth dry skin. Easy enough to prepare with ¼ avocado and two tablespoons of plain yoghurt, mix everything well using a blender and apply the paste on your feet. Let stand for 20 minutes, then remove with warm water. The result may be desirable, but to save on mess and washing up, we might just save our avocados for brunch.



Anyone with burst blisters, look away now! This one could hurt. We personally think vinegar should perhaps, like olive oil, be best left for salad dressings. But yes, like the humble avocado you can use vinegar on your feet, what next? Take a bowl and add vinegar and warm water in equal measures in it and then again soak feet for 15 minutes if you can stand the smell. Many sites suggest you can also use a pumice stone to the effectively rid excess dry dead skin. Expect to smell like a pickled onion for a few days.

The general theme of all natural solutions? They are somewhat time-consuming, a little messy and some we'd go as far as to say are a little unpleasant. Oiley bed sheets? No thanks. 

Like with everything we do at Magnitone, wanted to create an effective, quick and easy way to help you get results you can see and feel!  Salon fresh feet, in just a matter of minutes. No soaking or grocery shopping required. 

The Magnitone Well Heeled has been designed to gently, yet effectively buff away dry, hard and rough skin from feet. The longer-lasting, dome-shaped, micro-crystal rollers allow for better results under toes and along the curves of feet. It’s lightweight, waterproof, fast and the perfect travel companion. No foot soaking or avocados required. 


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