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Halloween Makeup Tutorials

October 14, 2016

Halloween is coming, and this year's online makeup tutorials have stepped-up their game. The Harley Quinn looks have been a personal favourite. 
Roxxasaurus pulled this look off amazingly in her collaborative video with Matt Gibbs - featured below. This will make the perfect halloween look for all you duos out there!
Chrisspy's Easy Skull Makeup Tutorial looks amazing. We're really loving the minimal approach to the skull this Halloween.  

Bella's Werewolf Makeup Tutorial is INSANE. The cheek bones and eyes look incredible - definitely the look if there's someone you're aiming to impress at the party.   

Miranda Hedman took a unique approach to Halloween this year, creating a "1920's Strangled Flapper Ghost" look. It's a beautifully classic result. You can be confident no one else at the party will be dressed the same. 
So there are our favourite tutorials this year, Happy Halloween one and all! 

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