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Is caffeine actually GOOD for your skin?

May 29, 2017

Is caffeine actually GOOD for your skin?

Lately, we've noticed the caffeine craze seems to be everywhere, and it doesn't look like it's slowing down! We've compiled all the benefits of caffeine (yay) to prove, once and for all, that our coffee habit is fully justified.

Reducing Circles Under Eyes

Those pesky dark bags under your eyes can be caused by excess water retention. Caffeine aids lymphatic drainage and can therefore help smooth the appearance of this delicate area. Not only is it wise to get yourself a large coffee fix after a long night on the tiles, it might be wise to make sure your eyes also get a caffeine fix too!

Reducing Inflammation

Caffeine constricts the blood vessels, which may sound scary, but that's a good thing for your skin. When your blood vessels are dilated, they're more visible, resulting in noticeable redness. Caffeine can help get rid of this pesky problem, whilst reducing puffiness and giving you a more alert appearance.

For a Wake-Up Call

Most of us can't function without our morning coffee or tea, so why should it stop there? Why not add a caffeine based skincare product to your morning routine? Caffeine has diuretic properties that will help leave your skin looking totally smooth and plump.

Using this alongside our Barefaced cleansing brush with Vibra-sonic technology will give your skin an invigorating workout to cleanse, as well as tone. Kick start your day all before your first cuppa! 

Slow Down Ageing Gracefully

Multiple studies have shown that caffeine can help defend the skin against the sun's harmful UV rays, which, as we are all aware, is a massive factor when it comes to prematurely ageing skin. A bit of caffeine-infused skin care, exfoliation with our Vibra-Sonic™ technology and some SPF, of course, can help to keep your complexion looking healthier and more youthful for longer.

The benefits can't be argued with, we're tempted to just rub some good old-fashioned ground coffee beans all over our face for good measure!

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