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Glow for Gold this Olympics

The 2016, Rio de Janeiro Olympics are just around the corner, and regardless of whether you are lucky enough to be heading over, or you are watching it on the tele - it’s time to take inspiration from the Olympians and get healthy!

First step - your skin…

Your skin can easily be affected by a number of factors including stress, diet and fitness. We’ve put together a couple of tips on how to get healthy skin and become a Summer Skin Champion this olympics!

Unclog your Pores Post-Exercise

There’s nothing better than a great workout that gets your heart racing, but sometimes sweat can cause oily skin and breakouts.

Our NEW 'Pore Perfection' brush head has a cross-section of dual layer bristles, perfect for cleansing away sweat, dirt and SPF to combat those pesky breakouts, leaving your skin clear and radiant.

Pop it in your gym bag for a revitalising post-work out cleanse! 


Give your Skin a Workout


Yes, you heard that correctly. Our uniquely  developed Vibra-Sonic technology deep cleanses  and tones, giving your skin an energising skin  workout.

 Switch to Pulse-Lift Toning Mode to boost micro-  circulation, leaving your skin fighting fit and ready to  go barefaced!



Glow for Gold with a Flawless Tan

NEW ‘Get Beached’ body brush exfoliates away dry/flakey patches and prepares your skin for flawless fake-tan application so you can #GLOWFORGOLD like a Brazilian Bombshell all summer long (minus the sun damage).



Pedi- Buff your Feet Post Training!

Give your feet some TLC with our Pedi Buff mode on The Full Monty.

This little saviour has been designed to buff away dry/ flakey patches for silky, sandal-ready feet.

Unleash your Brazilian Bombshell and become a Summer Skin Champion this Olympics! Let’s get skin confident together.

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