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Get an at-home pedi in minutes

May 20, 2019

Get an at-home pedi in minutes

As tempting as it is to dish out money for a salon pedicure (with the soaking, foot scrubbing, massage — the works) it’s not always doable, especially when you need to prep your feet at short notice or when you’re trying to curb your spending! When you are in desperate need of a Pedi you can achieve salon-quality results at home. Follow the easy steps below for a quick and easy at-home Pedi in just minutes!

STEP 1: Remove Old Polish

Completely remove any nail polish that’s still on your toenails using an acetate-free nail polish remover and a cotton pad. Even if you don’t have any polish still on your toes, it is still a good idea to rub nail polish remover over your nail to remove any excess oils. 

STEP 2: Get Rid of Dead Skin

The Magnitone Well-Heeled Pedicure System gently and effectively buffs away dry, hard and rough skin from feet. It is more effective to remove hard skin when dry so there is no need to soak in advance. With longer-lasting, dome-shaped, micro-crystal rollers Well-Heeled gives better results under toes and along the curves of the feet

STEP 4: File and Shape Your Nails

Use a nail trimmer to achieve the length and shape you want (we recommend trimming them straight across). Follow by filing the corners of your nails and buffing to make them smooth.

STEP 5: Apply Cuticle Oil

It is not necessary to cut back your cuticles as this is purely cosmetic and can lead to infection. Instead, apply a good cuticle oil to the base of your nail. Cuticle oil doesn’t just keep your feet soft and moisturized, but it also keeps your polish from chipping.

STEP 6: Moisturise

Moisturise your feet with a good foot cream. Avoid scented lotions with synthetic fragrances as these can cause you nail polish to crack.

STEP 7: Prep Your Toes

Use toe separators (you can buy them from any pharmacy or on Amazon) to make painting your toes easier and avoid making a mess.

STEP 8: Apply Your Base Coat

Choose a good quality base coat as it protects and conditions your nail and prevents yellowing caused by nail polish. Paint on your base coat and wait at least two minutes to ensure it is dry.

STEP 9: Paint

Apply two coats of good quality nail polish, leaving at least two minutes in between each coat for it to dry. If you accidentally get any on the skin around your nail use a cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover to gently wipe away any mistakes.

STEP 10: Finish With a Quick-Drying Top Coat

Finish with a top coat so your nails maintain high shine and luster. Since nail polish takes about 12 hours to harden, one great trick is to stick your finished toenails into cold water for a few minutes to make your nail polish harden faster and help it solidify.

Your feet should now be pedicured to perfection and ready for anything!

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