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Foods to eat for healthy & glowing skin

April 19, 2017

Foods to eat for healthy & glowing skin

Finally. The sun is shining, and beach holidays are fast approaching! Time to get your skin prepped.

Here at Magnitone HQ we are swapping make up for an SPF embracing the bare face. Whilst keeping dry and hard skin at bay with at home Pedicures using Well Heeled

Despite all this hard work, sometimes we need a little extra help to make our skin really glow. We've done our research, and it seems, as for most things, out diet has a massive part to play! Especially with that pesky dark or puffy circles around the eyes. Why do we get them? It can be anything from genetics, age, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, andone too many summers BBQs lasting into the early hours. Zero regrets

No panic is required. We've got your back

Breathe a sigh of relief and allow us to share with you some of our favourite foods for skin-salvation. Hydrating and circulation-boosting antioxidants make a noticeable difference, as do mineral-rich foods that help to balance fluids. Luckily, a lot of these can be easily packed into your daily diet - with a 5 a day bonus! 


When we are dehydrated it thins and blood vessels become prominent, creating dark circles, while excess fluid can cause puffiness. Cucumber has a high water content that rehydrates, silica, and skin-strengthening sulphur. Not to mention vitamins A, C, E, and which increases the elasticity of blood vessels. Instead of placing over your eyes, chop up a 1/4 cucumber into a salad for lunch and you've got an instantly hydrating, collagen boosting treat. 


Another champion hydrating food. What would summer be without copious slices of watermelon by the pool? Well, this poolside snack is made up of approximately 92 per cent water as well as containing a whole host of antioxidants including betacarotene, anti-inflammatory lycopene, flat tummy friendly fibre, vitamins B1, B6, and C, potassium, magnesium. Eat as it comes, or blend into deliciously refreshing smoothies. 


Renowned for their benefits, these little antioxidant powerhouses are your eyes best friends. Containing lutein which can help to protect the skin against UV damage, as well as anthocyanin, which can aid in protecting blood vessels, improving the circulation. Another easy salad addition, have 1 medium or 7 cherry tomatoes daily. At this rate your lunch will have your eyes sparkling, your colleagues will be begging for your secrets.  


The deep pigment in Beets come from the detoxifying betalain antioxidants. Early research indicates the betalains support nerve and eye tissue better than most other antioxidants. This versatile veggie has an earthy and almost sweet taste. Making it perfect for both savoury and sweet recipes. We've even thought about adding it to our brownies for a fibre boost. Suppose if it's good enough for Deliciously Ella... 

The more unusual ones...

Goji Berries

These little betties are a nutritional powerhouse. B, C, beta-carotene, amino acids, iron, copper, selenium, calcium, zinc. Eat a small handful daily in trail mix, or on top of porridge for your skin glow fix.


From the African 'Tree of Life' packed with fibre, calcium, vitamins A, B1, B6, and C, potassium, magnesium, zinc. It's low levels of sodium help balance fluids and preventing puffy eyes. It has a delicious sweet and citrus like flavour. Throw 1-2 tsp into smoothies, or stir into yoghurt for a daily boost.


Protein, antioxidants, fatty acids, B vitamins, calcium. For being so Nutrient-dense, this has protein for tissue renewal and sulphur to strengthen skin.  Start with 1⁄4 tsp daily in a meal or drink and build up to 1 Tsp.

 Despite this, you don't need a Science degree to understand that eating whole foods, with plenty of colour and variety is good for you and your skin. We are firm believers in our skin being a reflection of what is going in inside, so making small changes alongside your skincare routine can make a real impact!


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