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Fake Looking Awake Over The Festivities!

December 06, 2017

Fake Looking Awake Over The Festivities!

Whether you’ve over-egged it at the Christmas drinks party, had one too many glasses of Mulled Wine at the Market, or missed a few too many hours sleep whilst trying to fit in seeing everyone before the new year! The festive season can wreak havoc on our skin.

With all the celebrations fast approaching, not to mention having to actually get up and go to work in between that, we've compiled some tips to make you look a million times better than you may actually be feeling. So even if you have the morning-after regret of telling your colleagues exactly what you think of them after one too many tequila shots, we guarantee you'll swan into the office looking like you'd never touched a drop. 

Take It All Off!

Your Make-up that is. No matter how late, or how tipsy a quick swipe with WipeOut cleansing cloth with have you fresh and clean before bed. Not only will your pores thank you, but so will your bed sheets! No more Panda eyes! The next day spend a bit longer than you normally would massaging your skin it to boost circulation, the Stimulator brush head on the Barefaced! cleansing brush can help to eradicate that unique grey tinge that seems to haunt you after a particularly hard night. Wine/ tequila/  lack of sleep face should be calming down already.

If you have a little more time nice warm bath with magnesium or Epsom salts will help to bring down hangover or exhaustion induced puffiness. Not only are you replenishing the body with vital minerals it can help eradicate toxins and is significantly less stressful than trying to hold it all together in the shower. 

It's All About the Base

It can be tempting to pile on the foundation to hide any 

Less is more- too much makeup will actually make skin look more tired, especially when it comes to foundation. If you don't have a tinted moisturiser mix a little bit of your regular moisturiser into your foundation to soften it a little, it will sit better on your skin and help it look more radiant.

The technology in Blendup Vibrasonic™ Makeup brush flawlessly blends away creases and clumping as it applies foundation, leaving your makeup and face looking fresh and light, despite how you are feeling! 


This whole strobing and contouring business may have gotten a little out of hand. However, highlighting as a technique isn’t going anywhere and thank goodness, as it makes skin look alive! No matter what you’ve put it through. Stick to creams and balms, which you can also use with BlendUp applied alone or blended in flawlessly to your base for a little extra lift on groggy mornings!

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