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Double cleansing, should you be doing it?

April 18, 2017

Double cleansing, should you be doing it?

Double cleansing. That sounds like more work, surely? 

It's been a subject buzzing around the beauty industry for a while now. But is it really
necessary? We took to twitter to ask YOU what you thought and the results showed:

Yes - 58%

No - 21% 

Never Heard of it - 21%

Obviously, a lot of you rank this as a daily 'DO'. Here at Magnitone HQ, we're a fan or anything that will extend our favourite part of the day -  our daily cleanse!
The thought behind double cleansing is to take off varying layers of surface dirt. The first ‘cleanse’ is to remove makeup and any surface sweat and dirt accumulated throughout the day. The second is when things get deep... into pores.
If you use heavy makeup, double cleansing may be beneficial and/or necessarily prevent you from leaving any excess foundation on your skin that will simply congest your skin over night. Don't believe us? Check our blog on Why it's important to remove makeup before bed. 
When double-cleansing, it is even more important that you use a cleanser suitable for your skin type. If you use a product that is too strong for your skin and are doing a double-cleanse every day, you could end up with some seriously uncomfortable skin irritation - ouch!
That's why we suggest using our Wipe Out, remove surface make up with only water. It's soft and gentle on the skin, perfect to help and prevent irritation from product over-use. Then follow with your usual cleanser and Vibra-Sonic™ facial cleansing brush, like the Bare to remove sebum, grime and pollution that has worked its way into your pores.
It's unnecessary to double cleanse in the morning, as you won't have the same build up of grime to remove, also who has the time? A simple sweep with your Magnitone and favourite cleanser should do the trick to wake up your skin. Plus, when you free your pores of dirt, it allows all of that product to sink in properly. There's nothing worse than spending a fortune on your favourite potions to have them sitting idle on the surface of the skin! 

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 Love, Magnitone x



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