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Discover Magnitone BareFaced!

September 01, 2016

How do I cleanse with Magnitone Barefaced?

Apply cleanser directly to the brush head. Using circular strokes gently glide the brush head over your face for 60 seconds, this will beep every 20 seconds to let you know to move on to ­­a different zone of your face. Press button again to switch to Pulse-Lift™ toning mode to tone the entire face and boost microcirculation.


How do I charge my Magnitone Barefaced?

Place the magnetic ‘clink’ charger onto the bottom of the front of the handle. Connect one end of the USB cable into the base of the charger and the other end into a USB power source (an Iphone charger or laptop). The light will flash to signal charging and will remain constant when the brush is fully charged.



Which brush head should I use?

Your Magnitone Barefaced comes with an Active Clean brush head, which is a great everyday brush, suitable for normal skin. If you have oily or sensitive skin however, we have a wide range of brush heads to suit your skincare needs, everyday of the week. We recommend you change your brush head every three months.



How to cleanse with Barefaced!


Wet brush. Apply usual cleanser to face or brush head.
Press once for daily cleanse, twice for Pulse-Lift™ Toning Mode.




Gently glide the brush over skin in small circles, letting Vibra-Sonic™
technology do all the work. The brush will turn off after 1 minute. 



Rinse face and gently pat dry. 




Apply your skincare products and just watch how they sink right into your skin.

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