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Deep Cleansing Brushes with Pink Chick Claire

Are you looking for a Facial Cleansing Brush that would suit you skin? 
Read on to find out how the beautiful Claire from got on with her Magnitone BareFaced!
I adore Magnitone, the team are always lovely, and their product range has something for everyone.
I last reviewed the Magnitone Lucid back in March 2015, and since then they have really upped their game introducing the Vibra-Sonic Daily Cleansing Brush, Magnitone BareFaced!
Better than manual brushing, the Magnitone BareFaced! Vibra-Sonic™ cleansing brush deep cleanses, empties out pores, and tones skin. I adore my pink version, it lives by the side of my sink and I use it once a day to slough off dead skin cells, and brighten up my complexion.
The combo of sonic oscillations + vibrations = energising skin workout.
This skin-friendly duo work deep into the skin (where hands don’t go), to wobble out impurities and boost micro-circulation, with all its healthy, glow-giving benefits.
For just 60 seconds a day, the Magnitone BareFaced! tones your skin, ensuring that your moisturiser sinks in better, thus improving the overall look and feel of your complexion. The instructions are simple to use, and they ensure that you get the best out of the device.
When your Magnitone BareFaced! arrives, it's ready to use - it's fully charged for you!
You simply turn on the button, it'll light up and then you can chose between the two skincare settings:
I alternate between the two settings to ensure that my skin doesn't get sluggish and bored. Using a cleanser that can be emulsified also ensures that the oscillations work their magic. 100% waterproof it means you'll feel confident leaving it in the bathroom should it end up submerged.

A cool wireless charger and bag means it's ready to go when you're travelling.
I love the matching bag that houses the BareFaced!, and I cannot wait to take it away with me.

Last but by no means least you can change the brush heads of the Magnitone BareFaced! here, from £16 - £20 in price - so you can really personalise the BareFaced! even more, to suit your skincare needs.
What do you get in the box?
     Two Mode Vibra-Sonic™  Facial Brush
     Wireless USB Travel Charger
     Splashproof Travel Pouch
     Active Clean Brush Head
     12 Month Warranty
     My Magnitone Membership

So there you have it, my skin game changer and one that I cannot be without!

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