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COVID-19 Update

March 24, 2020

COVID-19 Update

In these uncertain and unprecedented times, we wanted to share what we’re doing at Magnitone to keep our colleagues, customers and community safe and well.

We’ve always said that our bodies are amazing. From our head to our toes, inside and out they’re our most valuable possession and we’ve made products to naturally condition them, working in tandem with the body’s own processes to bring out our beautiful best. 

At this time, nothing therefore is more important to us than supporting all those we work with and care for, in their pursuit of health and happiness. We would never want to put anyone in harm’s way or contribute to the ill health of those more vulnerable than ourselves. We only get one body and it matters above all else.

That’s why we’re taking the following steps: 

  • Magnitone staff – We’ve been working from home and will remain doing so until government advice changes. We’re privileged to have a dedicated team at Magnitone that can work remotely and we’re making sure they have everything they need to remain safe and well.


    • Suppliers and partners – We’re encouraging all our suppliers and partners to operate remote working and self-isolation policies. We’re confident that across our supply chain, warehouse and various other teams, we have people making decisions to put people’s health and wellbeing first.


      • Our Retailers – We’ve always enjoyed great partnerships with our retailers and at this time, where so many stores are closing, we’re doing more than ever to prioritise our stock availability online with retail partners such as, and


        • Our Community - We’re recommending all our customers and community follow government guidance and social distancing to help us all beat this virus. We’re encouraging the use of our naturally antibacterial products and SuperNaturals skincare range as effective hand wash and moisturiser as we all try to do more to guard against infection. Read more here.


          • You, our Customers – As we encourage everyone to stay home, self-distance or isolate and avoid going to shops, it’s only right that we do our best to make these choices that little bit easier. That’s why we’re removing all Shipping Fees for orders over £10. For almost all our products that will mean you don’t pay a penny for delivery.


            We’re confident that in due course this will all pass and we’re already planning for exciting new product launches to keep you skin at its beautiful best. We intend Magnitone to be there for you through this period and well into the future.


            Wishing you and your loved ones the best health and love at this difficult time,


            The Magntione Team

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