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Are You Accidentally Ageing Your Skin?

September 05, 2017

Are You Accidentally Ageing Your Skin?

Could your lifestyle and rigorous skin care regimen be wreaking havoc with the rate at which your skin is ageing? 


Ageing isn't only down to genetics and a good skincare routine, but hormonal and metabolic shifts affect the appearance too. Moisture and protection from daily pollutants are important, but a balanced diet with adequate protein, minerals and good fats is vital to keep it looking glowing and lump. Fad diets often lack these vital nutrients. Supplements can help to an extent, but they aren’t a quick-fix for a bad diet.

Check you're getting enough vitamin B12 and Iron in your diet (especially if you are vegetarian!) Sources like red meat, poultry, seafood, beans, spinach, raisins, apricots and peas are a good start!

Less Is More

Botox and fillers might still be a popular quick fix to add some plumpness to fine lines and wrinkles. But doing too much can lead to an overly ‘done’ look. Regular massage or exfoliation can help to reduce puffiness, as well as firm and tone the jawline. The Magnitone Barefaced!Cleansing brush uses Vibra-Sonic™ pulsations which help to create the appearance of more youthful, glowing skin


Our eye area can age rest of the face due to thinner, more delicate skin.  Also, the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines can accelerate the signs of ageing.

For more youthful-looking eyes, use a tiny amount of eye cream and apply in tapping motions to aid lymphatic drainage. To avoid water retention in the eye area, avoid excessive amounts of salt and consider sleeping on your back and elevating your head with an extra pillow to promote drainage.


By lowering cortisol levels and stabilising hormones, taking a good-quality magnesium supplement or bathing in a magnesium salt bath can help to improve the skin’s overall appearance. This can especially benefit skin prone to acne and rosacea.

Embrace It!

Here at Magnitone, we are strong believers in growing old with grace, and embracing what we are given!  Over-exercising, expensive products and extreme diets only to result in disappointment and are possibly doing more harm to your skin that good!  Accepting it is the key to a healthy and happy ageing process!  There are many healthy ways to change your lifestyle and maintain what you have for as long as you can, without having to take it to extremes!

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