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5 Simple Ways to Get Glowing Skin This Week

November 25, 2016

At Magnitone London we're all about helping people get beautifully conditioned skin. But is it really possible to get the glow you’ve always wanted in just a week?
Most of us want to start seeing results quickly to encourage us to keep going, so at Magnitone London we’ve put together 5 hacks to help you on the path to skin you can be proud of in less than a week…

1. Start Drinking More Water! 

Water keeps skin hydrated, it can help plump and improve elasticity and it balances out the oil concentration on the surface of the skin. All this helps minimize the appearance of ageing, stops skin cracking and being open to impurities, and prevents clogged oily pores that cause breakouts.
But telling yourself to finish 2 litres of water is tough though and you’re unlikely to do it. Taking sips little and often throughout the day however, feels much more achievable. If you can do this, you’ll be surprised at how much you are willing to drink.
Cucumber water
Try putting a refillable bottle of water in front of you, wherever you are set-up for the day. Know how much water it contains and set yourself the simple challenge of drinking and refilling it 4 times during the day. If you’ve got a 500ml water bottle, you’ll be reaching the recommended daily water intake without thinking about it. Try and do this every day for a week. Not only will you feel healthier, your skin will be visibly improved.

2. Thoroughly Remove Your Make-Up Every Night.

Never sleep with make-up on. It’s a simple fact, but it’s a case of easier said than done. When you’re tired and ready for bed it can be the last thing on your mind. Fight that urge!
Leaving pores clogged with make-up causes breakouts and over time will make eyes puffy and lead to fine wrinkles. If you want skin that stays looking younger and healthier for longer – be ruthless about your nightly skincare routine.
The problem for many is that removing make-up with wipes, sponges, hands or cloths is hard work and often ineffective. It just takes too long when all you want to do is get to sleep. Fortunately, there’s a better way.
Check out the experiment below. We compared the removal of make-up using hands vs a Magnitone daily cleansing brush. If the thought of spending ages scrubbing away make-up at the end of a long day is putting you off doing it at all, try Magnitone BareFaced! this week and see the improvement it makes.

3. Get Active

Plank Exercise

There’s no end to the health benefits of being active and when it comes to your skin, there really is no substitute to getting a good sweat on.
Getting your heart pumping will increase the amount of oxygen-rich blood being carried to your skin. This is the body’s natural healing process and it is the most natural way to rejuvenate your skin.
In addition, raising your heart rate for 20-30 minutes a day with moderate aerobic exercise is great for toning your skin. It will also help bust stress, which is responsible for releasing the sugar-rich Cortisol hormone that can lead to breakouts.
If you struggle with making time for exercise or simply dislike it, try bundling things you like doing alongside it. Only allow yourself to listen to a great podcast or audiobook when running, or only watch your favourite TV program when at the gym.

4. Empty Out Your Pores

Skin is your body’s first defence against impurities. It’s constantly battling sweat, pollution, make-up, excess oil and hormones. It does an amazing job, but in the process it can be left looking a bit worse-for-wear. It’s the reason why you get breakouts and blackheads and why you’ll find it looks dull or lifeless.
Making sure you regularly empty out pores to prevent a build of these impurities in your skin is vital. But that is difficult to do with simple hand cleansing or wipes. This will only push dirt around your face and into other pores, rather than emptying them out.

Using a sonic cleansing brush is a simple and effective way to deep cleanse your pores. The Vibra-Sonic Technology™ that Magnitone BareFaced! Uses, dislodges impurities from within pores and whisks them them away from your skin.

5. Never Be Without Moisturiser 

Deep-cleansing pores is only half the story. For skin that glows, make sure your pores are always filled with your favourite skincare potions. It will prevent dry and flaky skin, and will make your skin visibly brighter.
Often people are put off using a moisturiser regularly. They find it can take time to work into the skin and the remanence of their last application can be felt long afterwards. But this only happens because pores are not thoroughly cleaned. Moisturisers, serums and creams will sit on the surface of the skin if pores are not thoroughly emptied.
When your pores are cleansed properly however, you’ll be amazed at how easily your moisturiser will sink in. It will encourage you to keep applying it regularly. Try deep-cleansing at the beginning with our Vibra-Sonic face brush this week and apply moisturiser 3 times a day. You’ll be amazed!

Get Glowing Skin This Week. Deep Cleanse With Magnitone BareFaced! 

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