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Signs that you have officially burnt out

February 15, 2018

Signs that you have officially burnt out

1. All Day Long Tiredness 

Feeling drained literally around the clock? This could be a sign that you’re running on empty.  You may well be overdoing it when you feel tired all the time physically, emotionally and mentally. Instead of taking the time and energy to look after yourself, and indulge in some much-needed self-care, you instead engage with unhealthy habits that help you cope with the tiredness. Think, too much alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and lack of exercise. You might find you have more digestive problems, struggle to sleep and end up feeling wired, yet exhausted. 

2. It's hard To get up in the morning

Has your get up and go gone? This is a sign you are burning the candle at both ends. You may be overdoing it on the before-bed netflix binges, or after dinner drinks when you don't wake up feeling refreshed and you feel unenthusiastic about getting your day going. 

3. Feeling negative and less patient

If you feel like you aren't getting enough done at work, r feel that you should be achieving more than you have. Even though your brain is working at full capacity. You can tend to feel negative more than positive and more pessimistic than you used to.

4. You’re not performing well at work

It may seem that taking more on at work could improve your career prospects, but it could actually be doing the opposite in the long-term if you’re overdoing it. If you aren't able to problem solve or make decisions,  you find that in doing too much you are more forgetful. You seem to be continually thinking about work even though you aren't at work and think about tasks that need doing.

Something sound familiar? HERE'S HOW TO SOLVE IT


Take Control, and make time for the following...

Hobbies: it is never too late to find something that has nothing to do with work; allow yourself to stop, slow down and start something that you enjoy and feel satisfied doing!  Pick up a sketchbook or find a local knitting club! A yoga class once a week will allow you to get the added benefits of exercise and meditation!

Fully ‘switch off’

Take holidays often and go out to the countryside and take long walks in nature (without technology!) 

Volunteering or getting involved in your local community can help direct your attention away from focusing on only work stress. Research has indicated giving back to society can improve your overall happiness and help you de-stress too! Feel good about what you do!

Healthy sleeping

Less than 7 hours of sleep per night is a major risk factor for increased risk of chronic fatigue, increased sensitivity to stressful situations and can cause cognitive decline. Sleep is the foundation for health, wellness and optimal functioning. Switch yoursefl off from technology at least an hour before bed (no more Netflix binges till 3 am!)  Take the time to allow yourself optimal time to get ready for sleep. Creating a 'sanctuary' for sleep is essential, so if possible try to avoid eating meals or working in your space to help promote it as the place you can completely relax and rejuvenate.

Small and easy adjustments to your day can make the world of difference to your overall wellbeing and health. TO get you back to feeling 100% and ready to take on the day!

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