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4 of Our Favourite Beauty Apps!

There are so many incredible beauty apps out there we had a tough time picking our favourites. Below we have listed and linked to 4 which we think are pretty amazing!
GlamScout allows you to find makeup to match any celebrity or curated look pretty much instantly. Virtually Try-On the complete look live using your iPhone as a mirror. You can also use Get the Look or Get the Look for Less so you can buy the look. Pretty cool! 
As many of us know, the beauty industry doesn’t cater to darker skin tones in many respects, so beauty blogger Ofunne Amaka created an Instagram page that demonstrated what various swatches looked like on women of colour.
Cocoa Swatches provides access to the latest makeup swatches on various skin tones, beauty inspiration and informative tutorials. 
Sync your Instagram with this app and then simply drag the nail template onto your favourite snap and you can have them made into nail stickers!
This app gives you a digital makeover in shades you never even knew existed! Shade Scout works in several ways; you can snap a photo of practically anything in a colour, and the app will scan its database to match a lipstick/eyeshadow/makeup, and you can also upload a selfie and try on multiple cosmetics products at once, which included foundations, blushers, eyeshadows and lipsticks. 
Do you have any favourite beauty apps you recommend?
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