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Top Beauty Picks of 2016 from Cosmopolitan's Inge Van Lotringen - 3 of 3

January 05, 2016

In the last of our three part series and we asked Inge to share her top beauty picks to achieve beautiful skin in 2016 (other than Magnitone of course)

"Everybody dreams of having beautiful's a really empowering thought that we now have the means to get it!"

"The few ingredients that actually work are Vitamin A, Vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids"

For Inge these are key elements to great skincare, and the new wave of beauty and skincare products that have overcome the previously irritating effects are particularly exciting in the coming year.

"Another lovely lovely cleanser is the NUDE perfect cleanse, which is a cream jelly that turns into a milk. It would be really nice with a Magnitone brush...melting makeup off your face"

Thanks for joining us through this three part series with Cosmopolitan's Inge Van Lotringen!

Good Vibrations x

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