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We Talk 'Skin Fitness' with Cosmopolitan's Inge Van Lotringen - 1 of 3

We recently had the privilege of meeting with Cosmopolitan's beauty director, Inge Van Lotringen to soak up some of her extensive beauty knowledge.
In the first of our three part series, Inge talks through her beauty do's and don'ts, specifically relating to skin fitness and maintaining healthy skin rather than seeking the best cover up on the market.
For Inge, healthy skin has been a growing trend over the last year, with the beauty conscious amongst us seeking a healthy juice and a decent gym membership to boost our natural glow!

"Fitness for the skin is the same as fitness for the body. It's all about health, it's about tone, it's about energy, it's about a glow."

Don't take our word for it though...

Coming soon: Skin Energy and How to Feed your skin from within!


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