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Combatting Keratosis Pilaris with Beauty Expert Gina Akers

April 01, 2015

Great skin is always desirable but not always what we have.  One of the most difficult unsightly skin dilemmas to deal with is Keratosis Pilaris often called "chicken skin".

It is completely harmless but the skin feels uneven and rough with what appears to be small raised dry looking bumps a bit like continuous goose pimples.

Keratosis Pilaris is caused by too much keratin building up in the hair follicles within the skin.  This blocks the hair follicles with hard rough skin. The pores widen due to the blockage and this creates the pimpled appearance.

So what can you do about this? Avoiding cleansers that dry out your skin is advisable and skin resurfacing through exfoliation and gentle polishing of the skin is key. Magnitone is particularly useful for this as it provides deep cleansing without being overly abrasive and exfoliates the skin at the same time.  Magnitone can be used on the face and body so wherever you have Keratosis Pilaris and dry rough skin Magnitone can help.

Magnitone's clever polishing action evenly and effectively exfoliates taking away the dull tried grey layers of skin. It also uses Vibra-Sonic Technology, which gives gentle active electromagnetic vibrations to create rapid pulses deep under the surface of the skin. This unique and gentle way of extracting build up from the pores works deep down to unclog the skin and can help to clear the blocked pores that cause Keratosis Pilaris. The pulses open up the pores and shake out the hard to reach build up and impurities that can also cause breakouts and blackheads, giving you the deepest cleanse you've ever experienced and much smoother softer feeling skin.

You can use Magnitone with any cleanser so can choose what suits your skin best and stay with your favourite brand. Magnitone's advanced design enables you to get more from your cleanser, providing you with the ultimate cleansing routine and it only takes one minute per cleanse to achieve this.

Effective moisturising is also vital to help reduce the appearance of Keratosis Pilaris (chicken skin) and you'll notice after using Magnitone how your moisturiser is absorbed more effectively, encouraging essential deep hydration for the skin.

For a great routine to help improve your skin and reduce unsightly Keratosis Pilaris use Magnitone morning and night with a non-soap non drying cleanser.  After using Magnitone rinse your skin with clean warm (not hot) water or gently wipe away any residue of the cleanser with a clean soft warm cloth.  Pat your skin dry with a clean towel or soft tissue, then apply plenty of your moisturiser and watch your skin benefit from more effective absorption helping to reduce the appearance of Keratosis Pilaris.


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