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British Beauty Blogger reviews Magnitone Barefaced!

BritishBeauty Blogger AKA: Jane Cunningham was the first to review our Magnitone BareFaced! deep-cleansing facial brush. 

Here’s what she had to say about her skincare journey with this little, vibra-sonic™ beauty.

“It’s genuinely a very gentle feeling, and obviously completely harmless, but because of the rapidity, dead skin cells are gone in moments, pores are cleansed and there is no feeling like it if you’re a cleansing buff. If I was asked to translate how using the Magnitone London Barefaced cleansing Brush actually looks on the skin, it’s immediately brighter, without a doubt. I use mine with a wash off cleanser mainly but have experimented with oil cleansers. The only downside to an oil cleanser is that the brush then takes a bit more cleaning.”

“One of the words that Magnitone uses is ‘energising’ and that’s a good way to describe how your skin and face feels after using the device. After using the PulseLift™ option, that feeling of skin having been massaged stays for quite a while.”

“All you need to do post cleanse or tone is to add your favourite moisturiser or skin oil – the theory is that after all the dead skin cells have gone, your complexion will be more receptive to anything that you use afterwards. Sponsored or not, I genuinely feel confident in saying that skin looks and feels better using this device than with manual cleansing only. There is no doubt in my mind.”

We are so honoured that Jane was the first to review BareFaced!

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