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April 12, 2016


In case you’ve missed it, the USA and Canada have recently banned Microbeads from all exfoliation products due to the serious environmental risk they pose to our eco-system. Seeing as it’s #WorldOceanDay we thought we would investigate these little suckers once and for all.

So what are Microbeads?

Microbeads are tiny plastic beads used in many exfoliating facial scrubs, body washes and even toothpastes.You’ve probably seen them in your favourite exfoliating facial scrub. Seems fairly innocent right? Wrong.

These seemingly demure little beads are currently polluting our oceans and killing marine life as, due to their tiny size, sewerage plants have no way of filtering them out of waste water. The scary part? Marine animals end up digesting them and becoming poisoned by the plastic causing starvation and death. Another critical problem is one of biomagnification, as people eat fish contaminated with microbeads, they are actually unknowingly consuming PCBs, estrogen, and other harmful chemicals absorbed by these tiny beads.

Why does it matter? 
I think we can all agree that there is enough pollution in our oceans without making it worse with our daily skincare regimes. The best thing you can do, is to become conscious of the ingredients in your manual exfoliation/cleansing products. While some products will shamelessly use ‘microbead’ on the label, others list it as one of the other “p’s”, polyprophelene, polystyryne, and polyethylene (which are ultimately all fancy names for plastic and are obviously not suitable for the ocean). 

Hopefully, the UK will follow suit and ban Microbeads soon to encourage a healthier eco-system. The good news? You can still use your favourite cream, oil or foaming cleansers with your Magnitone Barefaced! deep cleansing face brush or The Full Monty 3-in-one exfoliating face and body brush as a more environmentally friendly way of getting that silky smooth exfoliation you love so much. Join the cause. #BANTHEBEAD


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