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How to Feed your Skin from Within

September 20, 2016

Tales Of A Pale Face’s Kat Clark shares her top tips for healthy and clear skin in this guest blog. She speaks not only about what products to use, but also how to feed your skin from within, outlining the must-eat foods and vitamins to maintain that healthy, glowing complexion we all long for!

Getting great-looking skin doesn’t just come from the products you put on top of it; what we put in our bodies has a massive effect on our overall health and the appearance of our skin. As well as making sure you follow a good skincare regime, including lots of lovely skin-feeding ingredients in your diet can give it a massive boost. I’ve put together a few of my top tips for getting great-looking skin from both inside and out.

Magnitone BareFaced Pink

Get those healthy fats in – fat has often been given a bad reputation, but certain types of fat are essential in our diets in order to maintain cell growth and function. Include things like avocado, nuts and salmon on a regular basis for a boost of essential fatty acids and omegas that your skin will thank you for. Certain vitamins also can’t be absorbed into the body without some fat alongside it (think vitamin A, D, K) so make sure to eat small amounts of healthy fats with each meal for maximum absorption.

Eat a variety of colour – when it comes to meal times, the greater variety of colour you can get on your plate, the better. All fruit and veg contain different vitamins and minerals, so a variety of things will help you meet your daily needs without any supplements. Smoothies, salads, stir frys and vegetable dishes like ratatouille are great ways to pack lots of variety in without feeling like you’ve got to eat your way through a Popeye sized portion of greens!

Stay hydrated– our bodies are made up of over 50% water, so even a small amount of dehydration can lead to lacklustre looking skin. Aim for 1.5 to 2 litres of water/herbal tea per day. I always keep a bottle with me to act as a reminder throughout the day to keep on sipping. Reusable bottles with in built filters are great if you don’t like the taste of regular tap water – Bobble do some great lightweight plastic ones and Black + Blum’s Japanese style charcoal filtered bottle is seriously eco-friendly and stylish at the same time.

Tone, tone, tone – massages don’t just work wonders for reliving tension in your back, but the right techniques will not only help to give your face a ‘lift’, but it can also add a glow back into your skin. As well as using my Magnitone BaredFaced! deep cleansing brush as part of my daily cleansing regime, I like to use its Pulselift™ toning mode a few times a week to help massage the skin and leave it feeling toned and fighting fit.

Exfoliate regularly – There’s no point trying to eat your way to great-looking skin if you don’t take care of the surface. Exfoliating regularly is a great way to remove dull, dead skin cells and reveal the bright, new ones underneath. Aim for twice a week, using a gentle scrub for your face and a slightly coarser one for the rest of your body. The Full Monty's body attachment is also great for exfoliating arms and legs; the fact you can use it in the shower makes the whole process super quick too!

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