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How to spot a dodgy before & after picture

We get inundated with selfies from real life people that have seen such an amazing transformation they’ve felt the need to send us the proof, and we love it! So much so, the whole month of May is dedicated to showing off your incredible results and giving you a chance to see visible results for yourself, or your money back.

During my research, I came across a few before and after shocks that I had to share with you, mainly for a laugh but also because you deserve to know the truth. No.4 had us roaring in the office, how do they get away with it?


Snapped by Magnitone co-owner David at a trade show. Personally, I think she’s just washed her face after a bad contour, but the dramatic change in face and neck shape suggests some photoshop trickery.


Hate my face… love my face! Look closely, has anything really changed? No. A big grin naturally lifts the chin, joules and cheekbones… it’s the oldest trick in the book.


Been on Instagram? You’ll know about filters then. Four hours sleep to ten in seconds.


Let me break this down for you…
Remove freckles? Embrace them – don’t try to remove them, please.
Remove stains? Yes, those stains that frequent my face – food?!
Remove sunburn? NOPE.
Remove plaques of pregnancy? It’s true hormones can have an effect on your skin while you’re expecting, but it’s so vague my alarm bells are ringing. *Horrified pregnant Sales Manager desperately looks for ‘plaques’ of pregnancy in face*
Remove Melasma? Melasma cannot be removed. Depending on severity it may be able to be improved, unlikely by an unbranded cream from Taiwan.


I’ll give you credit to work this one out by yourself, because I have no words….

Here’s one of my faves sent in by a REAL customer. Thanks Abi, you look fab… Before and after!

Throughout the month of May, any BareFaced! or The Full Monty brush bought from will come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Send us in your before and afters so we can all keep blushing.

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