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10 Ways You Are Using Your Magnitone Wrong!

October 28, 2017

10 Ways You Are Using Your Magnitone Wrong!

  1. You're not using enough water. Just like your toothbrush, you need to thoroughly soak your brush and face with water to get the ultimate pore-cleaning benefits.             
  2. You're sharing your brush head with your S/O.  Firstly...ew! Just no. Even though our brushes don't harbour bacteria, you don't want to be sharing that kind of dirt with ANYONE. No matter how much you love him/her. Just get them their own brush or brush head.
  1. You stopped using it because of a breakout. In the first few uses, you may notice your skin will break out. This can freak out first-time Magnitone users. The stimulation of the skin can cause bacteria to rise deep from pores and can cause some spots. Instead of stopping altogether, scale back your use to once a day, or every second day, but most importantly - stick with it! Things should clear up after about two weeks of continuous use.                                                                                  
  2. You don't clean under the brush head. Once a month remove your brush head and wipe any residue that may have built up in the wheel under the brush head.  This ensures you keep everything squeaky clean and stop the wheel becoming jammed or damaged.
  1. You use it with an exfoliating cleanser. Double the exfoliation is not a good thing in this case. Avoid any cleansers with rough particles. We recommend you exfoliate with the Stimulator Brush Head once every few days on the Pulse-lift™Toning mode.           
  2. You don't replace your brush head every three months. It's not just the bacteria you need to get rid of! Over time the bristles won't be as efficient, so a replacement is required!                                                                                                                             
  3. You don't restart the cycle. Go ahead and push that button again to give your neck and collarbone a good antiaging scrub, that skin needs some love too!                           
  4. You Have the wrong brush head. There is a reason we offer such an extensive range of brush head replacements! No one person's skin is the same. We offer brush heads for all skin types from the super sensitive or acne prone, to oily and congested! Make sure you are using the right brush head for your specific skin type to get the very best out of your Magnitone! 


Image Credit: The Kitty Luxe

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