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Sleep Your Way To Better SKin

Sleep's Beauty-Boosting Benefits

There is nothing worse than a night spent tossing and turning when you are already tired and need to be up early. It leaves you feeling sluggish, dull, and cranky. 

However, even while you're snoozing, you're still getting plenty accomplished. Getting a restful night's sleep is Beauty's biggest secret. The largest organ of the body (the skin) needs to be looked after, you only have one after all! It's scientifically proven that during sleep the body can undergo repair, renewal and detoxification.

Skimp on sleep in favour of Happy Hour, you will not only wake up with a headache, but chances are your skin will look dull as dishwater. When you're tired (and dehydrated) blood doesn't flow as efficiently. Skipping the bar and grabbing an extra hour or two in bed will help your body work better. 

When you're horizontal all night, fluid can pool beneath your eyes and mean you carry heavy bags under your eyes on your morning commute! To prevent this, skip salty foods after lunch and stick to just one glass of wine at dinner if you are drinking! Sodium and alcohol encourage swelling which leads to puffiness.  If you know it’s going to be a bad night sleep then stay well-hydrated and elevate your head with an extra pillow too. That can also help reduce any swelling that might occur.

Over night, our skin is repairing and restoring damaged cells, so it is essential to maintain a regular evening skin care routine then getting a decent night's sleep to optimise this process.

Taking the time to care for your skin in the evening will help to tackle some of the abuse it may have faced throughout the day from pollution, chemicals and daily stress. 


Our Barefaced! cleansing brush uses Vibra-Sonic™ technology to cleanse as well as tone the skin, speeding up the skin's natural cell turnover. It will leave it looking healthy and glowing, in just one minute. This means you can get a full and deep cleanse, without missing out on some vital beauty sleep! 

If you need us we'll be taking a nap ... 

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